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West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee

Serving the Veterans and Residents of West Seneca


    Member Information

American Legion Post 735                

Marine Corps League - Detachment 239                

Veterans of Foreign Wars

35 Legion ParkwayP.O. Box 106Post 8113
West Seneca, NY 14224West Seneca, NY 14224PO Box 119
Phone: 716-675-7613Commandant - Pat DavidWest Seneca, NY 14224
Commander - Daniel LagodaPhone: 716-681-5772Phone: 716-675-8113
www.americanlegionpost735.org Commander - Joseph Valent

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Legion Post 735 Newsletter

Navy Seabee Veterans of
America, Island X-5                

Amvets Post 8113                

94 Choate AvenueBox 433
Buffalo, NY 14220West Seneca, NY 14224
Commander - Garnet WoodPhone: 716-662-2407
Phone: 716-829 9162Commander - Frank Weber
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AMVETS Post 8113 Newsletter

82nd Airborne                

Chairman - Ken Burgstahler  
48 Lyman Street
Buffalo, NY 14206


     2024  -  Navy Seabee Veterans of America Island X-5 
     2025  -  AMVETS, Post 8113 
     2026  -  82nd Airborne 
     2027  -  American Legion Post 735 
     2028  -  Marine Corps. League, Detachment 239 

Monthly Member Meetings

Navy Seabee Veterans of America Island X-5
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
1st Monday after 2nd Tuesday of each month

American Legion Post 735
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
2nd Tuesday of each month

82nd Airborne
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
2nd Saturday of each month

Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Post 8113
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
1st Tuesday of each month

AMVETS, Post 8113
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
2nd Wednesday of each month

Marine Corps League - Detachment 239
35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca, New York 14224
4th Tuesday of each month

The Veteran's Creed

  • I am an American Veteran

  • I proudly served my country

  • I live the values I learned in the military

  • I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans

  • I maintain my physical and mental discipline

  • I continue to lead and improve

  • I make a difference

  • I honor and remember my fallen comrades

  • History of Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW 8113 - The “Chicken Coop”

    The VFW Post began its first reign of 25 years by 10 caring veterans. It was called the “West Seneca Veterans Social Club”. After four meetings, it was decided by unanimous vote to father more caring veterans and apply for a Charter in the “Veterans of Foreign Wars”. The Charter was granted on June 13, 1961. The new Post membership stood at 28 members.

    The first meetings were held at Riedl’s Grand View Restaurant (4685 Seneca St. Ebenezer), compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Riedl. At that time, not only meetings but other Post functions were held at the Restaurant and Queen of Heaven Church Hall (Mill Road, West Seneca).

    The dreams were many as the Post membership continued to grow. The veterans encouraged the installation of a Ladies Auxiliary in 1962. A marching unit was also formed and the active members made the Post known throughout the State.

    With membership growing, the Post needed its own place to call “Home”. In 1965, the property at 299 Leydecker Road was purchased. The hard and exhausting work to build a place to call their own, began. The members worked and sweated as their dream was becoming a reality. Everyone worked with a common bond and goal in mind.

    With the dismantling of the 12 alleys and bar equipment from the Central Bowling Lanes on Main Street, the Post Main Hall and Bar began to take shape. It was the first year for the Post to hold their regular meeting in their own Home. It was also the first year that they hosted a Memorial Day Service.

    The following year was approached with much excitement because it was the first Fourth of July Independence Celebration. The Veterans marched through the New York State School which delighted the children and the Flag Ceremony was befitting of the day. Many other Veterans’ organizations and town residents attended.

    The new VFW Home began to grow in size when, with the combined efforts of the membership, they moved an entire building from Mill Road and Seneca Street. The building was originally called the “Deli Room” and eventually changed to the “Commander Walsh Room”.

    As the Post continued to grow not only in strength but also in profits, it was realized that the Post needed better kitchen facilities. Dues were increased and with the Auxiliary donating $100 and in 1969, the first kitchen cabinets were built.

    In the following year, 1970, the Auxiliary began serving Fish Frys. The dinners were a huge success. With the profit-making project, the kitchen was remodeled and furnished.

    Also in 1970, the well-known “Chicken Collection” was started. Throughout the years, people donated all kinds of “Chicken” knick-knacks and special shelves had to be installed in various rooms of the Post to display them.

    Another dream of the membership was fulfilled by the erection of the Stone Monument. It took time and money, but the Monument was finally put in place with sidewalks, grass, benches and flagpoles. With the initiative of its members, all of the Post functions were being held in the new Post Home. Also in 1970, the Amvets and its Auxiliary were welcomed into the VFW Post. With the help of the new organizations, the Post had more hard workers and supporters.

    In the years 1973-74, the expansion of the Bar Room and the Main Hall began. The Hall was doubled in size and the Bar Room was tripled. It was quite a feat to complete the remodeling and keep the clubrooms in operation to continue generating revenue. With the know-how of its members and limited funds, the remodeling was accomplished. On 9 February 1974, the new Bar Room was officially opened.

    Even after the expansion and the Monument finished, the Post members wanted to combine the separate Polish Day and German Day into one affair, ending the rivalry between the two events. In order to accomplish this combined event, the membership decided to add a Grove.

    The work began as pavilions were constructed, concrete was poured, tables and benches constructed and a flagpole for the 3 countries (United States, Poland and Germany) were erected. A kitchen was formed with the help of its members by loaning or donating kitchen utensils and some things borrowed from the main Kitchen. After the Grove was completed, the new Foyer was completed and became the talk of the Post and the envy of many other VFW organizations. The Memorial Monument wad lighting installed which allowed the American Flag to be flown all the time.

    Through the years, improvements and additions has been to the Post Home. More Grove improvements were made, including a better outdoor kitchen, a bigger dance floor and two more shelters – “Big Al’s” and a larger one built behind the dance area were added in October 1986. More storage areas were built and a new roof was added in the Spring of 1986, which joined all of the pavilions under one roof to protect the visitors from the rain and elements. Also in the Spring of 1986, a permanent Cross was added to the Memorial Monument.

    More improvements were made later to the main building. Those improvements included the wallpapering of both halls, the enclosure of the outdoor entrance, the addition of a new kitchen and bathroom off of the Main Hall. A new dishwasher was also added through the efforts of the Fish Fry Committee. The last improvement was the replacement of the bowling alley dance floor. Each year brought constant painting and repairs of the buildings and grounds.

    The Post supported three children’s groups in West Seneca, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Brownies. All troops or packs bore the number “8113”.

    Situated on 8.7 acres of land with many trees and bordering on a stream, VFW 8113 “Chicken Coop” prospered for many years holding numerous activities throughout the year including weekly Bingo, Christmas parties, children’s Easter parties, steak roasts, PBA picnics, Polish-German Day activities, rummage sales, scouting events and countless other events.

    As the age of its members grew older, there were less and less members to care for the Post Home. The Amvets and its Auxiliary moved to a new home, making it harder to maintain the day-to-day upkeep and repairs of the Post. As the years passed, with very few new members, membership declined and the number of active members slipped to a little over a handful. In 2018, with the realization that the Post could no longer be kept functional, the painful choice was made to sell the Post buildings and surrounding land. On 19 December 2018, VFW 8113 “Chicken Coop” was sold to Burke Development for $650,000. In 2021, luxury townhomes and apartments dominate the land that was so special to many of West Seneca’s finest veterans. Although the buildings are gone, the memories of the “Chicken Coop” will continue to live on.

    The remaining members of VFW 8113 moved to 2683 Clinton Steet, West Seneca, sharing a building owned by Amvets Post 72. The building was the former home to the Deerhead Inn and Scharf’s German Restaurant. VFW 8113 continues to be an active member in the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee.

    Undated photo from early 2000's. VFW 8113 Post Officers.

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